What is included in the scuba diving/snorkeling packages?
Airport pick up, car transfer to Sorong harbour, boat transfer Waisai – Daroyen – Waisai, a bungalow with daily housekeeping, all meals, tea & coffee, and drinking water.

What is not included in the packages?
Flight tickets, marine entry permit, equipment rental (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins, mask & snorkel), ferry tickets. There are NO hidden charges.

What is included in the accommodation?
a bungalow with daily housekeeping, all meals, tea & coffee, and drinking water.

Do you have fresh water supply in the island?
Depend on where you will be staying. Daroyen Village on Gam island, no fresh water. Daroyen Village on Mansuar island, yes we have fresh water.

The nearest fresh water supply to Daroyen on Gam island is Sawinggrai Village. But the fresh water well is so fragile we are limited to get fresh water manually using bucket to fill. We can not use electric pump because we fear the salt water will come in and tainted the fresh water resource. We use fresh water for cooking, drinking and washing dive equipment.

Please understand, We try to preserve fresh water on Gam island due to its fragile ecosystem by only limiting to cooking and cleaning. We use a kind of reverse osmosis system that filters sea water. The water that comes out of the tabs and showers is safe to use for brushing teeth but it still contains some salt.

Do you provide scuba diving instructor?
We do not have scuba diving instructor. We have experienced local guide for fun dives.

Where do you go for snorkel/dive trip packages?
We cover area between Arborek, Gam, Mansuar, and Kri. We go to popular sites such as; Manta Sandy, Manta Slope, Cape Kri, Friwen Wall, Chicken reef, Sardines reef, Mike’s Point, Mioskon, Blue Magic, Cape Mansuar, Saondarek, Jetty Yenbuba, Beser Bay reef, etc.

Area such as Fam (Pianemo), Hidden Lagoon (Kabui Bay), The Passage, and Batanta are not within coverage area but available in shared boat special excursions.

Do you have extra charge for diving in Manta Sandy and Manta Point in Raja Ampat?
No, we do not have extra charge for diving in those sites.

Do you recommend insurance?
Yes, Raja Ampat is a remote area far from modern hospital. You decide whethere to obtain insurance or not. Insurance specialize in divers need can be purchase through this link Divers Alert Network

How can I secure payment?
Reservation can be secured with 20% deposit via bank transfers, PayPal accpint, or credit/debit cards via PayPal. Payment when arrive can be in cash or credit card VISA/MASTERCARD. Due to the limited places to exchange currency, we can not accept payment in foreign currencies.

Are they any surcharge for payment with credit cards?
No, you do not pay surcharge when you pay with credit card.

Where can I exchange currency?
You can convert your currency during the hub in Jakarta, Ujung Pandang, or Ambon.

Do you have WIFI available? Can I still keep in touch with my family and friends while in Raja Ampat?
We do not have WIFI. However 3G cellular signal TELKOMSEL is good but not 100% reliable. You will be able to check email or surf internet with your smartphone or tablet. We recommend to purchase sim card from TELKOMSEL as the only GSM card with decent signal to connect to the internet.

What kind of power socket do you have?
Indonesia use european standard socket.

What is the time zone?
Raja Ampat Eastern Indonesia time GMT +9.

What do I need to bring?
Personal hygiene (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, soap, etc). Insect repellants, light colored clothes, sunscreen and sunproof lotion, sunglass, a hat, and camera.

Can you recommend a hotel in Sorong?
We recommend staying at JE Meridien (no relations to Meridien); http://hoteljemeridiensorong.blogspot.co.id Its just across airport and they provide free airport drop.

Should I take precautions fo Malaria?
Mosquitoes here in Gam is few. But we recommend to apply mosquito repellents at dawn and dusk and whenever there are mosquito presents, usually a few days after rain but most importantly excercise common sense. We highly discourage the use of Lariam as it may cause adverse reaction.

What is the best time of year to visit Raja Ampat?
October to April is the best time to visit Raja Ampat. The best chance of perfect condition and good underwater visibility in November to February.

How is the water temperature  and visibility in Raja Ampat?
Water temperature constant 29° – 30°C, visibility between 15 – 20m.

How is the weather around June – September in Raja Ampat?
June – August is the windy season coming from the South. Weather in Raja Ampat has changed in the past 6 years with less wind and big waves on June – September. Scuba diving is also good around this time in northwest Raja Ampat. Because the large islands of Waigeo, Mansuar, and Gam acted as protector from surge and winds. Wind can make the seas a bit rough but do not happen everyday.